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Arts Everyday Living: Dining in Paradise with Monet’s Neighbor-Creative Routines at Home

BE SURE to CLICK on the work of art to ENLARGE and ENHANCE it.         DINING IN PARADISE WITH PIERRE BONNARD CREATIVE ROUTINES AT HOME   Bonnard’s room seems a paradise in which to dream rather than to dine.  Colors for all the senses vibrate and surprise as they multiply: lavender, tangerine, fuchsia, chartreuse, maroon, turquoise, […]

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Arts Everyday Living: An Artist’s Palate—The Art of Food, Calorie-Free Highlights

PLEASE click, sometimes twice, on the works of art to ENLARGE or ENHANCE them.   AN ARTIST’S PALATE: THE ART OF FOOD, PART I  MONDAY AT THE ART MUSEUM Still recovering from Thanksgiving dinner?  Or are you ready for another feast, calorie-free, with no chance of indigestion? An Artist’s Palate: The Art of Food Through the Centuries, Part […]

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