True Self, New Self

Have you ever actually wondered who you are? Have you considered creating a self portrait? But where do you start? Perhaps you might follow the pathway of Rembrandt, who created probably more self-portraits than any other artist in Western art.

Rembrandt was a searcher---a seeker of the truth about himself, a man without vanity, who revealed himself openly to us. However, it is his eyes, no matter what his age that draw us with their depth, their strength, and their eternity.

Have you ever truly looked at your eyes? Not glancing around or about them, but into them? Your eyes are the key to yourself or according to an ancient saying, “the windows of your soul.

Think of your life as a work of art, an ongoing masterpiece. For the way to discovering your new self is uncovering your true self.

Rembrandt: Self Portrait
Elisabeth Vigee-LeBrun: Self Portrait
Vincent Van Gogh: Self Portrait

Joan Hart
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