THE ART OF OUTER SPACE: Why not explore the unknown and ever expanding boundaries of the universe through advanced technologies such as the Hubble Space Telescope.

THE ART OF THE ENVIRONMENT: Or do you prefer the more familiar ground of earth? Would you like to help rejuvenate our ancient home that seems increasingly threatened by global warming and overpopulation?

INSIDE THE ART MUSEUM: Don’t forget the art museum or gallery as a source of inspiration.

EXPLORE OTHER ART FORMS: Reach out, too, to the other art forms: music, dance, poetry, literature, theater, story-telling, film, or perhaps a creative expression still evolving.

New Dreams, New Visions

What New Dreams and Visions will you discover as a result of your journey to art? Here are just a few:

THE ART OF OUTER SPACE Be on the cutting edge of this intergalactic realm that promises the art and beauty of another sphere.

Environmental artists offer a way, initiating projects that are multiplying around the globe.

INSIDE THE ART MUSEUM Even if you don’t live near one, you can always access them via the Internet, books, and other publications.

The multi-arts experience is the ultimate goal of a journey you have only just begun.

Andromeda Galaxy
Earth, NASA
Morse: Gallery of the Louvre
Degas: Four dancers

Joan Hart
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