Start with the people around you—portraits really-- that could stir many a painter’s imagination. Have you ever estimated how many portraits you see each day?

ILLUSTRATIONS---Everyday Portraits -- Jarnefelt, Portrait of the Artist's Son

How about the mall or other shopping center?  Have you thought how many visual stimuli impact your senses? Pretend, for a moment that you are touring a museum, full of an incredible range of colors and shapes, patterns and designs, all expertly lighted and attractively displayed.

ILLUSTRATION---Shopping -- Pentagon City Mall photograph

And don’t forget the environment of your office!

ILLUSTRATION---The Office Environment--Frank Lloyd Wright Lobby Office Building

Creative Routines

We all have our routines---the scheduled seconds, minutes, and hours of our lives. Time often seems our main companion as well as our competition, dividing our day into slots: commuting, office, lunch, errands, shopping, pick-ups and drop-offs. Striving to catch up, while inevitably falling behind, until it feels like we are losing track of our minds, our emotions, our friends, and most importantly, ourselves.

But what if you want to take this regimen apart---the artificial schedule imposed upon your life---and insert the arts? Even for just a few minutes, at intervals, here and there, until artistic creativity becomes almost like breathing.

Joan Hart
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