You’ll need an Artistic Companion or two or even more on your journey to art.

THROUGH AN ARTIST’S EYES: LEARNING TO LIVE CREATIVELY offers you a wealth of artists to choose from including CLAUDE MONET.

The Artist As Your Guide

In THROUGH AN ARTIST’S EYES, you’ll discover:
Monet Fast Facts: An easy to remember summary of the artist’s life and career.

What is A Monet? Tips for enjoying the best of Monet

The Monet Art Gallery---A close-up and personal view of a Monet masterpiece

Monet Resources---Books Galore and Countless Websites

Then, get to know other Artistic Companions:
Georgia O’Keeffe
Johannes Vermeer Rembrandt
Andy Warhol
Henri Matisse

Plus a variety of other artists from Van Gogh to Chagall!

Monet: Impression, Sunrise
Monet: The Magpie
Monet: Woman in the Garden
Monet: Self Portrait 1886

Joan Hart
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