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Mar 06

Arts Everyday Living: A Boy’s Life—Solitary Fishing

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.         A BOY’S LIFE SOLITARY FISHING ____________________ ____________________ …..To forget oneself is to be happy. Robert Louis Stevenson, Memories and Portraits Childhood was a popular subject of both Danish artist H. A. Brendekilde (1857-1942) and Scottish author Robert Louis Stevenson (1850-1894).  To experience more …

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Jul 08

Arts Everyday Living: Boyhood Reveries—Fishing in a Mountain Stream

BE CERTAIN to click on the painting to ENLARGE and MAGNIFY it.     BOYHOOD REVERIES  FISHING IN A MOUNTAIN STREAM   I don’t dig beneath the surface for things that don’t appear before my own eyes.* John Singer Sargent ____________________ ____________________ By 1901, when American artist John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) created On His Holidays, Norway above, he was …

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Aug 05

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Relaxing—Gone Fishing with John Singer Sargent

Click on the work of art to enhance or enlarge it.       THE ART OF RELAXING  CONTINUES & CONTINUES….   Tuesday is another day of leisure time for me.  I’m not quite as ambitious as John Singer Sargent’s Two Girls Fishing who are definitely fully concentrating on their mission.  By 1912 when Sargent created this outdoor scene, …

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