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Apr 09

Arts Everyday Living: An Invitation from Degas—Meet Young Mademoiselle Hortense

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.           AN INVITATION FROM DEGAS MEET YOUNG MADEMOISELLE HORTENSE     ____________________ ____________________ ____________________ We were created to look at one another, weren’t we?* Edgar Degas The versatile Edgar Degas (1834-1917) created other subjects besides ballerinas.  Although he never married nor had …

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Sep 19

Arts Everyday Living: Random Impressions with Cassatt—A Box at the Theater

          RANDOM IMPRESSIONS WITH CASSATT A BOX AT THE PARIS THEATER   Mary Cassatt is remembered best for her unforgettable depictions of maternal love, but she also was inspired by the audience at the Parisian theater. Here’s the concluding entry for Random Impressions.  See you Monday after my vacation. ____________________ ____________________ Cassatt …

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Jul 06

Arts Everyday Living: Art Walks–A Perfect Afternoon Along the Seine River

BE CERTAIN to click on the work of art to ENLARGE it.   ART WALKS AN AFTERNOON ALONG THE SEINE RIVER   Every picture shows a spot with which the artist has fallen in love.* Alfred Sisley ______________________ ____________________ French Impressionist Alfred Sisley (1839-1899) decidedly “fell in love” with many scenic places along the Seine including …

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Nov 04

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Tranquility—Mary Cassatt & Childhood Memories

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.     THE ART OF TRANQUILITY THROUGH AN ARTIST’S EYES  Are you sometimes nostalgic for childhood? Do you remember the peaceful transition between consciousness and sleep, leaving the waking world behind until the next morning. Drowsy, weary, nearly dreaming, lulled by the comfort of a warm bath …

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Mar 12

Arts Everyday Living: Beyond the Museum—Degas, An Impressionist in New Orleans

Click on the photo and pastel to ENLARGE them.   Edgar came back enchanted by his voyage, enchanted to have done so many things new to him, but especially enchanted to have made the acquaintance of all his good relatives in America.  He is, as you say, an amiable boy who, moreover, will be a …

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