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Nov 19

Arts Everyday Living: Autumn Walks with Klimt—The Mystery of the Woods

Please click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.       AUTUMN REFLECTIONS THE MYSTERY OF THE FOREST     In some mysterious way woods have never seemed to be static things.  In physical terms I move through them; yet in metaphysical ones, they seem to move through me. John Fowles ____________________ ____________________ …

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Nov 11

Arts Everyday Living: Through an Artist’s Eyes–Soul Flowers, Music of the Heart

      SOUL FLOWERS MUSIC OF TH HEART   I knew that I must paint, not what I saw, but only what was in my soul.  Figuratively speaking, it was like this: in my heart I felt as if there were an organ, which I had to sound.  And nature, which I saw before …

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Nov 09

Arts Everyday Living: Through the Eyes of Modigliani—A Double Vision

      THROUGH THE EYES OF MODIGLIANI A DOUBLE VISION   With one eye you are looking at the outside world, while with the other you are looking within yourself. Attributed to Amedeo Modigliani   (Note: this week’s blogs will be spotlighting artists featured in the exhibition Gauguin to Picasso at the Phillips Collection in Washington, …

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Sep 01

Arts Everyday Living: What is Art? Monet, Matisse, Visions of the Sea and Sky

BE CERTAIN to click on the painting to ENLARGE it.       WHAT IS ART? THE SIMPLEST THINGS IN THE WORLD   For very often I put myself in my pictures, and I am aware of what exists behind me.  I express the space and the objects in it as naturally as though I had only …

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Feb 07

Arts Everyday Living: Monuments Men Week—Matisse and Pissarro, Surviving Hermann Goring

Click on Pianist and Checker Players and Place du Carrousel to enlarge them.       _____________________ 1924, the year Henri Matisse painted Pianist and Checker Players, was a time of peace.  When Henriette, then the artist’s favorite model, and her two brothers could while away the hours without a care.  Surrounded by the incredible decor …

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Apr 11

Arts Everyday Living: Artists & Their Daughters III—Matisse’s Marguerite, Model to Freedom Fighter

Click on Portrait of Marguerite Asleep to enlarge it.         On April 3, 1982, an obituary was published in the New York Times titled “Marguerite Duthuit, A Model in Art of Matisse.” It consisted of only a few paragraphs, barely describing the remarkable life of Marguerite Matisse Duthuit (1894-1982). For almost three …

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Sep 26

Arts Everyday Living: Toulouse-Lautrec, Renoir, and Picasso—Inside the Moulin de la Galette

Click on the works of art to ENLARGE or ENHANCE them.   The Moulin de la Galette, also located in the heart of Montmartre, was another favorite subject of Toulouse-Lautrec.   It was once a windmill, dating back to the Middle Ages, that was converted into a dance hall in the nineteenth century, where it …

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Jul 14

Arts Everyday Living: Klimt and the Fulfillment of Love

  “Enough of censorship….I want to break free.”* Gustav Klimt   *Quote of Gustav Klimt (1862-1918) from Great Artists: Annotated Guides by Robert Cumming, DK Publishing Inc., 1998, New York. And Happy 150th Birthday, Gustav Klimt,  especially in Vienna where city-wide festivities are being held today. Celebrate with our blog on Klimt, too. Artists’ Birthdays …

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May 01

Arts Everyday Living: Modigliani—Portraits of Beauty and Soul

    “Beauty herself makes painful demands; nevertheless these bring forth the most supreme efforts of the soul.”*  Amedeo Modigliani, 1912     *Quote of Amedeo Modigliani (1884-1920) from Masterpieces and Master Collectors: Impressionist and Early Modern Paintings from the Hermitage and Guggenheim Museums, Guggenheim Hermitage Museum, publishers, 2001, New York. The above image is …

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Apr 28

Arts Everyday Living: Franz Marc and the Blue Horses

Click on the work of art to ENLARGE it.       “People with their lack of piety, especially men, never touched my true feelings….But animals with their virginal sense of life awakened all that was good in me.”* Franz Marc, 1913 *Quote of Franz Marc (1880-1916) from Masterpieces and Master Collectors: Impressionist and Early …

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