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Aug 05

Arts Everyday Living: Let Sleeping Cats Lie & A Mouse Near the House

Click on the work of art to expand or enhance it.           LET SLEEPING CATS LIE A MOUSE NEAR THE HOUSE   ____________________ ____________________ Cats are the connoisseurs of comfort.* James Herriot Cornelis Visscher (1619/1629-1662) was an artist and engraver creating during the Dutch Golden Age of art.  James Alfred Wright (1916-1995), known by his …

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Apr 07

Arts Everyday Living: The New Travels of Vermeer’s Girl with a Pearl Earring

Click on the painting to enlarge it.         Is she truly the Dutch Mona Lisa, enticing us with the purity of her beauty? Yet, unlike Leonardo da Vinci’s famous sitter,*  the Girl with a Pearl Earring has never been identified. She may have been the subject of a book (1999) and movie (2003), …

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May 30

Arts Everyday Living: Rembrandt—In Love and Marriage

Click on the painting to ENLARGE it. “The Jewish Bride is a picture of grown-up love, a marvelous amalgam of richness, tenderness and trust, the richness symbolized by the actual painting of the sleeve, the tenderness by the hands, and the trust by the expression of the heads which, in their truth, have a spiritual …

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