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Jun 19

Arts Everyday Living: The Art of Fashion—A Woman Rebels

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.           THE ART OF FASHION A WOMAN REBELS       If a woman rebels against high-heeled shoes, she should take care to do it in a very smart hat. George Bernard Shaw ____________________ ____________________  In the U.S. Public Domain.

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Mar 25

Arts Everyday Living: A Cherry Tree in Spring—Rebirth and Reawakening

Click on the work of art to enlarge or enhance it.       A CHERRY TREE IN SPRING REBIRTH AND REAWAKENING     Whatever your history, why not start anew, as if for the first time? What artists will you find on this venture?  What visions will you see? It only takes a few steps to begin—and …

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Sep 01

Arts Everyday Living: The Nighthawks–What Makes a Masterpiece a Masterpiece

PLEASE click and sometimes double click on the images.    WHAT MAKES A MASTERPIECE A MASTERPIECE: MONDAY AT THE MUSEUM   Ed has just finished a very fine picture—a lunch counter at night with 3 figures. Night Hawks would be a fine name for it. Jo Hopper, January, 1942 Have you ever wondered why Edward …

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Dec 31

Arts Everyday Living: Dreams and Reflections Week—The Art of the Pause

    Green, Black, Moyune, Formosa, Congou, Amboy, Pingsuey— No odds the name it knows—ah! Fill a cup of it for me! And, as I clink my china Against your goblet’s brim, My tea in steam shall twine a Fragrant laurel round its rim.                                                     James …

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Nov 01

Arts Everyday Living: Matisse and the Rhythm of Life–The Sculptor of Color

PLEASE click on photograph and mural to ENLARGE them.     That paper cut-out, that kind of volute acanthus that you see on the wall up there, is a stylized snail.  First of all, I drew the snail from nature, holding it between two fingers; drew and drew.  I became aware of an unfolding.  I …

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Oct 28

Arts Everyday Living: Matisse and the Rhythm of Life—The Purity of Drawing

Click on the drawings to ENLARGE them.       My line drawing is the purest and most direct translation of my emotion. Henri Matisse   It’s the second Monday of our Creative Art Journey multi-arts series in Arlington, Virginia (see: October 21 blog) and we’ll be presenting Matisse and the Rhythm of Life.  I’ll …

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Oct 01

Arts Everyday Living: Frida Kahlo—Artistic Companion of the Week—Fast Facts

Click on the works of art to ENLARGE and ENHANCE them.   Frida Kahlo, our artistic companion of the week, was barely known in her lifetime, overshadowed by her famous husband Diego Rivera.  In the early 21st century, though, Kahlo has achieved almost cult-status with exhibitions, books, and even an Oscar winning movie in 2002. …

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