Aug 11

Arts Everyday Living: Along the Canals of Venice—View from a Gondola

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John Singer Sargent, Rio dell Angelo, 1902, watercolor on paper, Private Collection


Venice is eternity itself.

Joseph Brodsky

American master John Singer Sargent (1856-1925) is best known for his portraits of the super-rich and celebrities of the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.  However, the artist also created scores of works in both oil and watercolor of landscapes as well as cities like Venice which he visited often during his long career.  Poet Joseph Brodsky (1940-1996) began his career in his native Russia, but was forced to leave his country during the Cold War period.  He settled in the United States and eventually designated its poet laureate.

The above image is used solely for educational purposes and in the U.S. public domain.

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