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Arts Everyday Living: Through an Impressionist’s Eyes—Summer Daydreams

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William Chadwick, On the Porch, c. 1908-1910, oil on canvas, Florence Griswold Museum, Old Lyme, Connecticut


….I will take my ease,

Dream and dream as long as I please….

Harriet McEwen Kimball, Day-dreaming*

Although born in England, Impressionist William Chadwick (1879-1962) spent most of his life in the United States.  He was particularly drawn to the popular artistic colony held at the home of Florence Griswold in Old Lyme, Connecticut, where he painted On the Porch above.  Little information is available on poet Harriet McEwen Kimball (1834-1917), who was from Portsmouth, New Hampshire.

*Excerpt from poem written around 1868.

The above image is used solely for educational purposes and in the U.S. public domain.

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