Mar 12

Arts Everyday Living: Summer in March–Crimson Roses, Impressionist Sunlight

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Philip Leslie Hale, Crimson Rambler, 1908, oil on canvas, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, Philadelphia, PA


You love the roses—so do I.  I wish

The sky would rain down roses….

George Eliot, Roses

American Impressionist Philip Leslie Hale (1865-1931) created the haunting Crimson Rambler at his home near Boston, where he lived with wife and fellow artist Lillian Westcott Hale; his sister Ellen Day Hale also had a career in painting.  Mary Anne Evans (1819-1880), better known as George Eliot, is one of the major forces in British literature, the author of classic works such as The Mill on the FlossSilas Marner, and Middlemarch.

The above image is used solely for educational purposes and in the U.S. public domain.

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